KYOWA rock bags

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Environment, Innovation and Flexibility.

Kyowa rock bags are innovative flexible mesh nets for use around bridges, roads, railways, shorelines and rivers to protect and manage erosion.  Kyowa Rock Bags explainedWhen filled with rock or riprap, the rockbag is a flexible protection system.

The rock bags are a sustainable environmental civil engineering alternative solution to gabions, large rock, blockstone, free rip rap and rock mattresses.

Some of the main advantages of rock bags are that they do not require foundations or ground / bed preparation, this also means the rock bags are a practical solution when installation involves uneven or sloping surfaces.   The rock bags can simply be used to contain the riprap and can also provide a faster and more accurate means to deploy the riprap.  The rock bags are a rapid fill and rapid deployment system that support economical and environmental civil projects.

Kyowa rock bags are proven to protect and be used for:

The rock bags prevent water damage of the protected surface without destroying the environment.

The Kyowa rock bags reduce water flow velocity as water energy is absorbed into the space between the rocks.  When installed under water, the spaces between the rocks provide a habitat for plant life and become an adopted home for fish and other aquatic life.

The rock bags can be covered with soil to support plant regeneration to  further protect the at risk environment.

Lifespan & History.

The rock bags have a proven lifespan of over 30 years and have been tested to a lifespan of 50 years in saltwater.

Recently, rock bags have been applied to the protection of marine cables and subsea pipelines in an environmentally friendly way.

The rock bag was used for the first time in 1987 to protect the foundations for the great bridge at Akashi, the world’s longest span bridge with a total length of 3,911 metres.

For more than 30 years the Kyowa Rock Bag has been widely used in civil engineering for rivers and coastal works.

Over 24,000 projects with more than 1,100,000 rock bags installed.

Main Advantages



Adapts perfectly to all soils for highly efficient coverage and absorption of energy.



Supports natural vegetation and encourages the development fauna and flora.



Due to the speed of deployment and reduction in labour costs as the products are highly flexible.

KYOWA rock bags