Hytrans Fire System, Mobile Water Supply Systems

HYTRANS HS150 submersible pump.Can access water up to 60 metres vertical.

Submersible Pump

Hydraulically driven submersible pump with large capacity.


HYTRANS HydroSub 150

HydroSub Power Pack

Diesel engine power pack powers the hydraulic submersible pumps.


Hytrans Squeeze Ramps: for hoses up to 152mm, low clearance can be used by heavy vehicles, this deployment was for 8 hoses.

Large Diameter Hoses

Large diameter flexible hose, of 150mm / 6″ up to 300mm / 12″. Carries large volumes of water over large distances.


Hytrans HRU (hose recovery unit) for Fire & Rescue NSW with 152mm / 6

Hose laying & Recovery

hose laying & recovery allows the use of large diameter hose.


Mobile Water Supply system used by:

  • Fire Brigades & Emergency Services
  • Industry, such as Petro-Chemical industry and Major Hazard Facilities
  • Water Utilities & Governments

The purpose is:

  • To carry large volumes of liquid
  • Over long distances
  • Provides continuous flow

At large scale fires, floods and earthquakes, the main issue is always:

  • Water supply (flow and pressure)
  • Access to water. Often an open water source is needed to supply the water volume required
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Labour availability

When a fixed system is absent, damaged or simply does not offer enough capacity, it is necessary to be able to pump from an open water source (rivers, lakes, harbours or open sea). However, due to draft limitation of conventional suction pumps, access to water can be difficult.

HYTRANS from The Netherlands has developed a system to overcome this problem: the HYTRANS Mobile Water Supply System.

Buncefield Fire 2005 - Hytrans units

In 2005, 14 HYTRANS HydroSub HS150 units were deployed at the Buncefield Oil Depot fire in the UK. The fire was the largest post-WWII fire in Europe. HYTRANS HVP’s (high volume pumps) were used for pumping water to the site from a water source 1.8km away. The water was distributed across the site for fire fighting and cooling unscathed tanks. The pumps were also used to shuffle contaminated run-off between bunds and empty tanks to avoid an ecological disaster.

Hytrans Fire System, Mobile Water Supply Systems