Hose Layer & Hose Recovery

The Hytrans HRU 200 is perfectly suited to hoses up to 200mm.

If your site has large diameter hose such as 125mm / 5″ that you can’t use or train with because it is just too hard to manhandle, the Hytrans HRU 200 is the solution.

The HYTRANS hose handling system has solved the problem of the labour intensive job to man-handle heavy hose. Hoses can now be laid-out at a speed of 40km/h, with little manpower.

The Hose Layer System features the use of thousands of metres of Large Diameter Hoses (up to 300 mm / 12-inch), speedy hose laying and easy semi-automatic hose pick-up with only limited manpower. This is due to the deployment of a revolutionary automatic hose pick-up system, the HYTRANS HRU Hose Recovery Unit.

Hytrans HRU (Hose Recovery Unit) in operation by Fire & Rescue NSW. Recovery of 1,500 metres of the 152mm / 6

The Hose Recovery Unit (HRU)

The HRU is a compact hydraulic driven double roller unit, facilitating easy hose pick up from the road while the hose layer truck is driving slowly forward alongside the hose.

Apart from the drivers’ control of the pick-up speed, the HRU operator has the facility of a 2-speed control from a portable remote control panel.

A swivel joint enables the HRU to choose its required pick-up angle in relation to the position of the truck and the position of the hose. Even hose at a difficult position at the side of the road can be recovered.

In order that multiple lengths of hose can remain coupled and still move smoothly through the hose recovery unit, the unit is equipped with electronic eye sensors, indicating to the pressure rollers to open up automatically at the moment a coupling set is approaching the HRU. After the coupling has passed the first pressure roller, another electronic eye sensor indicates the first pressure roller to close and the rear rollers to open up. All of this in a simple automatic process of only a few seconds.

Water draining from the hose automatically draws a vacuum assuring the hose is able to be stored flaked flat in the hose layer. Storing the hose into the hose layer body is an easy task for only two people. The HRU allows pick-up of 1,000m of large diameter hose in only 30 minutes.

The HRU includes hydraulic hoses, a flow-pressure control valve and a switch-over valve, ready for link-up with the truck’s hydraulics.

The HRU is powered by the truck’s PTO-hydraulic transmission (when a hook lift truck is used). If the truck does not have a PTO-hydraulic transmission a small capacity PTO-hydraulic transmission (20 L/min at 120 bar) can be supplied.

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