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Rock Bags for Road Erosion Control

Nowadays, road erosion control is of the essence. Roads, as the core type of infrastructure of transportation networks, are susceptible to depreciation over time. With increased usage, roadways can sustain damages, the most extreme form being sinkholes. They can disrupt daily travel and transportation, inconveniencing public life.

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Moreover, roads and railways that run along waterways and bridges face the risk of erosion as the soil can get washed away easily during floods.  Even slopes are more prone to erosion as the soil structure is unstable.

Rock Bags As a Road Erosion Control Solution

Rock filter units are a product that consists of a large mesh net and tonnes of small rocks. Made in Japan, you can use them to manage various forms of road erosion effectively;

The Speciality of Rock Bags

Now, you might think, why select Rock Bags out of the many options available for road erosion control? The primary reason would be their adaptability, flexibility, and ease of use, compared to other costly methods.

Here is a list of features of filter units that make them stand out;

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