AQUAFENCE Mobile Flood Barriers (fold-out fence)

AquaFence River

AquaFence Flood Barriers for Commercial and Industrial sites.


The AQUAFENCE flood barrier is designed and produced in Norway and provides superior protection against flood and storm. The system can also be used for civil works and water diversion.


AquaFence comes in various versions providing protection against water heights of 1.2 metre, 1.8 metre, 2.1 metre and 2.4 metre.

AquaFence Unit Water depth (m, mm ft)
V1200 1.2m, 1200mm, 4′
V1800 1.8m, 1800mm, 6′
V2100 2.1m, 2100mm, 7′
V2400 2.4m, 2400mm, 8′

Each flood barrier module consists of two boards in compact flat packs, which are lifted into place after transportation to the location. The construction is stabilized by water pressure when the flood arrives.

AQUAFENCE has a very high safety factor and has obtained FM Approvals certification.

It can also be used as protection from waves, water flows and high tide.

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AquaFence - around the bend
AquaFence multiple bends

AQUAFENCE Mobile Flood Barriers (fold-out fence)