HYTRANS Mobile High Volume Flood Pumps


HydroSub 150

Hydraulically driven submersible pump with large capacity.


HYTRANS Flood Module

Diesel engine power pack powers the hydraulic submersible pumps.


50,000 litres per minute

Large diameter flexible hose, of 150mm / 6″ up to 300mm / 12″. Carries large volumes of water over large distances.

Mobile Water Supply system used by:

  • Fire Brigades
  • Emergency Services
  • Industry, such as Mining and Major Hazard Facilities
  • Governments
  • Water Utilities

The purpose is:

  • To carry large volumes of liquid
  • Over long distances

At large scale fires, floods and earthquakes, the main issue is always:

  • Water volume
  • Access to the flood water
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Labour availability

When a flood occurs, there is always the need to pump away the water. Large areas such as tunnels, cellars, lower floors of buildings, underground carparks, open cut quarries and mines may need to be de-watered. At such times a simple to deploy and mobile flood pump is required. For fast deployment in combination with a high volume pumping system, preferably the flood pump will have a hydraulic pump for easy access to the flood water.

HYTRANS is the world leader in mobile hydraulic large capacity flood pumps.

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HYTRANS Mobile High Volume Flood Pumps

HYTRANS Mobile High Volume Flood Pumps




Many Australians live on floodplains. Floods are a real threat to communities and economies.

HYTRANS mobile High Volume Pumps are often used for flood mitigation as they are easy to deploy and have an enormous capacity.

Over recent years HYTRANS has introduced new flood / de-watering solutions with a high flow / low pressure head system.

In 2009 HYTRANS launched their Flood Pump to be used in conjunction with the HydroSub 60 unit and the Flood Module to be used in conjunction with the HydroSub 150 unit.


The Flood Pump has a capacity of 20,000L/min at 0.3 bar. It can empty an average backyard pool in less than 3 minutes.

The Flood Module consists of 3 manifolded Flood Pumps and therefore has a capacity of 50,000L/min at 0.9bar. It can empty an average backyard pool in less than 1 minute.

During floods, such a pump is typically used to dewater basements, car parks, low laying areas and areas behind breached levees.

Flood Pump for HydroSub 60

The HYTRANS Flood Pump is designed for providing flood relief on a large scale. In combination with the HydroSub 60 it is possible to reach a capacity up to 20,000L/min. The pump is mounted in a stainless steel demountable frame with two floats. Depending on the circumstances the pump can be used without floats or even without the frame in case of narrow accessibility. The special low friction and light weight 12 inch flood hose can easily be deployed by only one person. The separate hose lengths are connected with a simple strap system.


HYTRANS Mobile High Volume Flood Pumps