How do Rock Bags work?

How to Stop Erosion Using Rock Bags

Rock bags, made my Kyowa, also known as rock filter bags, are a simple solution for scour and erosion control. Founded in Japan, their first job was to protect the foundations of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan! If you still wonder how to stop erosion using Rock Bags, check their applications and uses below.

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How Do Rock Bags Work?

To date, rock bags have supported over 17,000 projects worldwide successfully – with no report of any failures.

Bluemont has supplied rock bags for various projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, including Brisbane, Central Queensland, Far North Queensland, Central West NSW, New Zealand ports, Western Australia, and NSW South Coast.

So, you might be wondering how to stop erosion using these Rock Bags. Well, it’s simple. The rock bags hold the soil together and prevent it from being washed away by water. They reduce the water flow and filter the sediments in it. Essentially, you cover up the soil by placing Rock Bags on top of them. When the soil layer is protected this way, the chances of erosion are low.

You can deploy them at many sites such as bridges, waterways, ports and coastal areas, roads, and even subsea. Besides preventing soil erosion, Rock Filter Units also help you protect marine pipes and cables, build temporary work platforms and temporary crossings. They can also be used for other long-term civil engineering projects and during emergency situations such as collapsed roadways, sinkholes, flash floods, and storm surges.

Why Rock Filter Bags?

These rock filter units are flexible in structure, adapting to most surfaces very well. You don’t have to do any foundation work as they create their own foundation over time. For this reason, you can install them on uneven surfaces or slopes.

When it comes to preventing soil erosion, you should select a solution that integrates with the natural habitats. As Rock Filter Bags are a product of recycled material and rocks, they don’t pose any threat to terrestrial or marine ecosystems. They blend with the surrounding over time, promoting vegetation growth. You won’t even notice Rock Bags after some time as plants overtake them.

What Are the Special Features of Rock Bags?

The process of how to stop erosion using Rock Bags seems easy, right? But why does this product stand out from the rest? Here are its features that make it a top erosion prevention solution!

How to Use Rock Filter Units?

The process is simple and quick. If you have identified an area susceptible to erosion, all you have to do is place these bags in the area. The mesh-net bags should be filled with a lot of small rocks and secured tightly. Then, you can deploy them at the site using a crane. Some of the common sites are,

Now that you have learned how to stop erosion using rock filter units, you might need them for a project in your locality. Don’t worry. Get in touch with us today via call on +61 2 9091 0360 or via our website.

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