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Mobile flood barriers (tubes)



Flood Barriers for Commercial and Industrial sites.

If you are based in an area prone to floods, you know the devastating loss they cause. Bluemont’s flooding solutions provide the first line of defence against flood damage and its hazards. Mitigate, prevent and protect your commercial property with innovative products that maximize efficiency.

Bluemont is a wholly Australian-owned company operating in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Reputed for providing high-quality flooding solutions for commercial properties, we help clients safeguard their valuable infrastructure and protect their people.

All our flood prevention products excel when a disaster hits, delivering optimum protection. You can now make the most of our advanced, revolutionary and environmental-friendly reusable alternatives to conventional sand bags.

NOAQ Boxwall

With NOAQ Boxwall, you no longer have to go through the terrible ordeal of filling and stacking sand bags.

Designed for urban environments, the NOAQ Boxwall is a highly effective mobile flood barrier that can tackle flood levels of up to 1 meter. It is ideal for hard and even surfaces like concrete. Moreover, it is also very portable, versatile, light in weight, and easy to store when not in use!

The NOAQ Boxwall uses the pressure of floodwater to remain strong and erect, thereby preventing water from flowing into your premises. This unique functionality makes it one of the best flooding solutions in the world.

The self-anchoring fence is easy to assemble and disassemble at a rapid speed, with one barrier doing the job of 5 sandbags. In fact, two people can build a 100-meter long barrier in under 25 minutes. All you need to do is click the units together!

Beaver – Mobile Floor Barrier Tubes

Beaver mobile tubes are versatile flood protection barriers that can be deployed quickly in various places such as roads, rivers, mountains, and industrial areas. Install them on almost any kind of surface using little manpower.

These water-pumped inflatable flood barriers also work great as dams to block and divert water away from the affected areas. When not in use, all you have to do is deflate the twin tubes and store them.

NoFloods Mobile Flood Barrier Tubes

Similar to Beaver tubes, NoFloods inflatable flood barrier tubes can be used for flood prevention and/or damage control. These can be a permanent feature on your site. You can also deploy them directly on the water to divert the watercourse.

They are one of the most cost-effective, flexible, and sturdy flooding solutions for large scale sites. It takes only 4 people and 4 hours to set up to 1 km of NoFloods Mobile Barrier Tubes. As they are light in weight, you can transport them anywhere whenever the necessity arises!

AquaFence Mobile Flood Barriers

AquaFence is another reputed brand offering superior flooding solutions for areas as large as cities.

You can either use these flood protection barriers to secure specific entry points. Alternatively, you can encircle them to protect the entire perimeter of a building or city. As these are self-stabilizing floodwalls, you can instal them within a short time without hassle.

They come in handy for urban and congested areas. Moreover,  when not in use, you can disassemble and store them in a small space.

Hytrans Mobile High Volume Flood Pumps

Water pumps are essential equipment during floods where large volumes of water need to be pumped away from the affected area.

In these instances, the Hytrans high-capacity flood pumps are the best flooding solutions as they are fast enough to dewater large areas within a short time -at 50,000 litres per minute.

Renowned for durability, portability, and ease of operation, the Hytrans water pump is utilized by fire brigades, emergency services, industrial facilities, governments, and water utilities.

Be ready to act and prevent the catastrophic impacts floodings can have! Get in touch with Bluemont today. We will advise and provide the best solutions for your site. Call us at +61 2 9091 0360 or email us at info@bluemont.com.au.