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Why You Need Rock Bags for Bridge Scour Prevention

Bridges are a vital component in the transportation system in any country. They improve accessibility and help you travel and transport goods easily. But, did you know that scour is one of the biggest culprits behind bridge failures? Hence, bridge scour prevention is 100% essential.

This is why early detection and action are crucial to prevent damage and safeguard bridges. Rock Bags are a globally recognized solution for bridge scour prevention and are made by Kyowa in Japan.

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What Is Bridge Erosion?

Bridge scour means soil erosion that occurs around a bridge foundation like pylons and piers. Bridges that run over waterways, as well as dry creeks, are both at risk of erosion. We need to pay attention to bridge erosion control in both these situations. Let us explain why.

Bridge pylons and piers are the core supporting structures of bridges, and they are held firmly in place by sand. Bridges that run over rivers, lakes, and creeks are susceptible to water erosion because of continuous water flow. The currents disrupt the surface soil layer, specifically the soil around pylons and piers. This bridge pier scour can destabilize the bridge structure gradually.

Now, the highway bridges and rail bridges that run over dry areas might not seem at risk. The land area may be dry as a bone, but a flash flood can turn things around pretty quickly. Fast-moving water can wash away the sand around pylons and erode the river banks.

How Do Rock Bags Help Bridge Scour Prevention?

Placing Rock Bags around bride pylons and piers can help you manage bridge erosion effectively. During a crisis like floods, they are the quickest and easiest solution to deploy. They prevent soil from being washed away by floods and help in retaining the strength of bridges.

A 2-tonne Rock Bag can withstand velocities up to 4.7m/sec, and a 4-tonne Rock Bag can withstand 5.3m/sec, proving their efficacy in bridge pier scour protection.

Following are the features of Rock Bags!

  • Quick deployment
  • Single-point lifting system
  • Eco-friendly and supports vegetation growth
  • Durable and long-lasting. They last up to 50 years in water and have up to 30 years’ protection against UV rays.
  •  No foundation required for installation
  • Flexible in structure

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