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Coastal Erosion Prevention Using Rock Bags

The coastal environment is constantly threatened by weather changes and human activities. Sadly, these lead to issues such as coastal erosion, endangering the ecosystems’ habitats and infrastructure. Halting key marine and port activities is, of course, not an option. Neither is completely shielding them from weather changes. However, you can still implement coastal erosion prevention measures!

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Rock Bags - submarine cable sway prevention
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Rock Bags - pylon scour protection
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Many countries in the world nowadays use Rock Bags, made by Kyowa, for erosion control, benefiting immensely from the solutions they offer.

A Roundup of the Many Uses of the Rock Bags

Here’s how you can use Rock Bags in ports and coastal areas:

The Big Deal About Rock Bags

Are you creating a coastal erosion and sediment control plan for your area? In this case, you need a solution that’s favourable for both your infrastructure and ecosystem.

After years of research and testing, Rock Bags have proven to be THE most applicable method!

A 2-tonne Rock Bag withstands velocities of up to 4.7m/sec. Moreover, a 4-tonne Rock Bag can withstand 5.3m/sec. If you need more proof of their efficacy, check out some features;

Do you need Rock Bags for coastal erosion control?

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In the meantime, learn more about how Rock Bags have helped in the past:

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