What is Bluemont?

Established in 2004, Bluemont is a supplier of fire, flood and erosion crisis-management solutions designed by globally-renowned brands. 

We bring you the best products for fire, flood, and erosion control. They include Rock Bags, Hytrans mobile water supply systems, NOAQ Boxwall, and a range of other flood barrier solutions.   

Are your flood protection solutions permanent or temporary?

All our flood protection barriers are mobile, so you can use them for various situations. They are convenient and easy to deploy and require less space for storage than traditionally used methods – such as sandbags.  

What are the flood protection solutions you offer?

Does Bluemont provide the rocks?

No. We only provide the empty rock bags with lifting rings required during the filling and deployment process. 

Can Bluemont provide training on how to use these products?

Yes. We can provide on-site or online training for our rock bags, flood barriers, and Hytrans mobile water supply systems. We also have brochures, written guides, and videos explaining how to deploy, retrieve, and maintain them. 

How long does delivery take?

Freight shipping to the eastern seaboard takes only 1-3 days, and shipping to the western seaboard takes approximately 5 days.

Can Bluemont provide designs for installation?

Yes. Bluemont can facilitate this service through independently certified engineers. We can provide simple sketches for you to gain an idea or a complete drawing with all the engineering details.

While we are not engineers, we can provide suggestions, ideas, and feedback based on our years of expertise handling similar projects. We can recommend:

What are the payment terms?

Full payment should be made prior to shipping unless agreed otherwise. 

Can I get a discount when purchasing Bluemont products?

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for more details on the minimum order quantities for each product.

Do you ship worldwide?

No. We operate and ship within Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. However, all our crisis-management solutions are available worldwide through respective local dealers. 

Have your products/solutions been utilised for real-life projects successfully? Can I see examples? 

Yes. Bluemont is the leading supplier of disaster-management solutions in the ANZ region. You can visit the Projects section to learn about the latest projects completed using our products. 

Over the years, we have supplied our products to private companies, governments, and local authorities to carry out their projects successfully and care for their assets, environment, and communities.

Are your products ideal for residential purposes?

Our solutions are primarily designed for commercial, industrial, local government or state-level projects. 

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, the warranty depends on the manufacturer as our solutions come from different global brands. However, all our products are renowned for their quality, durability and longevity

How can I contact Bluemont?

When contacting us, feel free to explain the issue or project you are working on, along with some photos if available. Based on similar past projects, we will recommend the most suitable solution.

Contact us by calling +61 2 9091 0360 or emailing us at info@bluemont.com.au. You can also send your query directly via our website here. Looking forward to working with you!