Saving the Pilbara Rail Bridge From Scouring

road rail bridge maintenance

Take me to the Pilbara any day! Pilbara’s vast landscapes, bright colours, and incredibly other-worldly scenery are beyond magic. Its remote outback and pristine natural wonders could easily inspire the most epic adventures. The Pilbara Rail Bridge Do you know what else is impressive about Pilbara? Its infrastructure! Take a look at this extended bridge

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Corners, Curves and Classical Classes.

BoxWall BW52 - College

A Sydney college’s classical music centre requires flood protection as part of its build. And what better time to test the deployment plan than during the construction phase. Every school is a busy place, but when you have a high-density location with school students present, the flood system needs to be simple, robust, fast to

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The Old Bridge Needs a Refurb. Thanks, River Rock Bags!

bags of rocks used to create a sidetrack

Have you heard about the many versatile uses of Kyowa rock bags? They are known globally for being a simple, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly solution for erosion and scour protection. But, the practicality of these rock bags doesn’t end there. Here’s another successful project Bluemont carried out with a local contractor in Queensland simply using river rock

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NoFloods support Zenviron build wind farm with Cofferdam Success.

TESTIMONIAL Zenviron is a highly experienced, full-service BOP contractor specialising in the design and construction of large scale renewable energy projects in Australia. Zenviron contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and impacts of climate change by providing industry leading solutions to the large scale solar and wind power generation markets. During the

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