Kyowa Rock Bags: Fostering Plant Growth

A Natural Barrier Against Coastal Erosion The erosion problem at this popular Sydney beach is one that many coastal regions face globally. Rising sea levels and increasingly intense storms have eroded the precious coastal land, threatening homes and ecosystems. In the search for an effective erosion control measure, Kyowa Rock Bags have proven to be

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Time for ‘Room for the River’

Flexible net gabions supporting a retaining wall on the Murray river

Have you heard of the ‘Room for the River’ concept? It’s an intriguing approach to flood protection that was started by the Dutch Government. To explain, they create designated areas where the river can overflow, which helps manage high water levels and minimise flood damage when needed. It’s a bit different from the dyke construction

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Solving Creek Erosion One Rock Bag at A Time

Kyowa Rock Bags used for creek erosion

Creeks and streams often become a natural attraction no matter where you live. Littered with leaves, or perhaps bordered by grass, they are a place we draw to for the peace. Most of the time, in Australia, your local stream is barely likely to even trickle. If it does flow, it probably won’t sweep anybody

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Erosion On Our Farms

preventing river erosion caused by water in australian farms

Everybody loves water, but farmers even more so! Without it, their crops, and livestock struggle, threatening their jobs and lifestyles. However, high levels of erosion caused by water are no joke. Too much water can also be destructive and cause serious issues such as erosion on our farms. Rain bombs, large storms and La Nina

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Temporary or Permanent Erosion Solution

Emergency, Temporary or Permanent Scour and Erosion Solutions Flooding is not a new natural disaster. So why do so many flood prone communities wait until it’s too late to protect their loved ones and belongings? It’s common to severely underestimate the severity of the inclining weather conditions. When it is left to late, there’s nothing

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Saving the Pilbara Rail Bridge From Scouring

road rail bridge maintenance

Take me to the Pilbara any day! Pilbara’s vast landscapes, bright colours, and incredibly other-worldly scenery are beyond magic. Its remote outback and pristine natural wonders could easily inspire the most epic adventures. The Pilbara Rail Bridge Do you know what else is impressive about Pilbara? Its infrastructure! Take a look at this extended bridge

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