Hose Ramps & Hose Bridges

HYTRANS Hose Bridge. For hoses up to 300mm / 12

HYTRANS Hose Bridge. For hoses up to 300mm / 12″

Hose Squeeze Ramps

The Squeeze Ramp is the solution for road crossings when the road is cut off by large diameter hose. The Squeeze Ramp is suitable for hoses with a diameter of up to 150mm / 6″.  Due to the unique oval shaped centre section of the ramp, the complete hose ramp is only 100 mm high. This is the case even when the 150 mm / 6″ hose is under pressure which may increase the hose size up to 180 mm.

No damaged hoses, no blocked roads, and with only a minimal loss of pressure, less than 0.2 bar.

HYTRANS Hose Ramp. 8 lines of 150mm / 6 inch large diameter hose

HYTRANS Hose Ramp. 8 lines of 150mm / 6 inch large diameter hose.

The advantages of the HYTRANS Squeeze ramps:

  • Quick and easily deployed
  • Compact design which requires less storage space
  • Height only 100 mm
  • Length only 2,000 mm
  • A small ramp angle, allowing higher drive-over speeds

The innovative design of the squeeze section allows a working hose pressure of up to 20 bar, with a minimal pressure loss of less than 0.2 bar. The ramp is able to support all road legal vehicles, including heavy trucks and buses.  It is specifically designed for 150 mm / 6” hose, but is also suitable for smaller hoses. There is also a smaller cut out built into the ramp section to accommodate smaller hoses, such as hydraulic hose.

The oval shaped middle sections squeeze the pressurised hose to achieve a total height of 100 mm over the full width. Due to this extreme low height the length needs to be only 2000 mm, which makes it the most compact hose ramp available.

Conventional hose ramps for 150 mm hose require a hose ramp height of 200 mm. Consequently the hose ramps need to be extremely long (approximately 2.8 metres), in order to have at least one axle of a typical passenger car on the hose ramp while crossing to avoid the car bottoming out.

Because of the small compact design, considerable less storage and transport space is required.

The squeeze ramp is designed in such a way that each individual section weigh less than 25 kg each.  This means deployment of the Squeeze Ramp can easily be done by a single person.

One complete ramp set consists of:

The aluminium squeeze sections feature an anti-slip profile which makes deployment on dirty or slippery surfaces more secure. Hand grips on the ramp segments come as a standard to help with handling.


Ramps: black moulded recycled plastic
Squeeze section: aluminium alloy

Dimensions (overall)

L: 2,000 mm x W: 2,500mm x H: 100 mm


Total set weight is 220 kg. Each individual part is less than 25 kg.


Extra ramps for middle section.
Connectors for joining the squeeze sections when multiple hoses are in use.

Hose Bridges

The Hose Bridge is the next size up from the Squeeze Ramp. The standard Hose Bridge can be used to provide a safe and practical crossing for up to 4 hoses with each bridge, where each hose has a diameter of up to 200mm / 8″, 250mm / 10″ or 300mm / 12″.

The bridge can be extended by adding another middle section and legs.  This would allow the bridge to then cross up to 6 hoses.

The Hose Bridge is manufactured in sections, all sections are aluminium.  This ensures the bridge is sturdy and strong, yet can be quite easily and quickly deployed by 3 or 4 people.

Hose BridgeLength complete hose ramp   Height      Maximum space between ground and bridgeWeight complete hose ramp  (approx)Max dual axle  Weight (kg)Max single axle  Weight (kg)
200mm / 8 inch7830 mm360 mm245 mm784 kg19,00011,500
250mm / 10 inch9830 mm430 mm315 mm1030 kg19,00011,500
300mm / 12 inch11320 mm520 mm400 mm1132 kg19,00011,500

The optional Box is the complete way to transport and store the Hose Bridge.

This box is built on a sub frame similar to the HydroSub 150, which allows for easy transportation of the 200mm / 8”, 250mm / 10” or 300mm / 12” Hose Bridge.

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