Large Diameter Hose

Handling a heavy hose when fighting fire is not an easy task, and that’s one of the biggest struggles firefighters faced in the past. Standard fire hoses used in conventional systems are bulky and deploying them from the truck is extremely labour-intensive. It also meant that you needed as many people as possible to handle fire suppression systems, limiting their practicality! The HYTRANS hose handling system means that both the rapid deployment of a large diameter hose and its efficient and quick recovery are now possible.

Many years of testing have resulted in a  large diameter hose especially suited for the HYTRANS system.

How Hytrans Fire Fighting Hose Overcomes the Issue?

As mentioned above, the large diameter fire hose of the Hytrans mobile water supply system comes with an effective hose handling system. The rapid deployment and auto-recovery mechanisms of the fire hose require the effort of only a couple of people. It is sturdy and durable to supply high volumes of water at high-pressure levels. At the same time, it’s easy to lay out and operate, even in the most congested urban spaces. 


Special Features of Hytrans Large Diameter Fire Hose 

Hytrans fire hose has been tested in various instances over the years to ensure they work at the optimum level in the most critical situations. The large diameter hose has proven, time and again, that it’s the best solution to carry high volumes of water over long distances. 

The firefighting hose unit has,

  • The lowest possible elongation (stretching) to prevent snaking of the host at high-pressure rates
  • Adequate flexibility to facilitate short bend radius, which is particularly important in municipal or industrial areas with limited accessibility
  • Sturdy and durable hose and couplings to withstand high-speed deployment (up to 40 km per hour) 
  •  A highly safe rate of burst pressure that’s well above the required service pressures 

HYTRANS Rubber Hose is available in following sizes and specifications:

HYTRANS hose characteristics table

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