World’s Best Solutions

About Bluemont

A wholly owned and operated Australian company.

Bluemont, established in 2004, distributes a limited selection of the world’s best tested & proven environmental solutions for:

Territory and Clients:

Our territory is Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Our clients include government agencies, ports, construction companies, fire brigades, industrial and manufacturing companies, petrochemical companies, mining companies.

Bluemont clients often have preferred local contractors who they wish to be involved in the project.  Bluemont therefore works together with these local contractors to manage the complete project to provide an exceptional delivery of service to the end-client.

All our solutions have been in use for multiple years and therefore have a proven track record.  Many products have also been in service with defence forces and civil forces throughout the world.

Bluemont is constantly investigating new technologies and products that have already been proven and are in field use in other countries, which can be introduced to the Australasian market.

Bluemont was previously known as Fire Fighting Technologies International Pty Ltd.