When the road is not an option.

Help! Flood, landslides or earthquakes destroyed our road.
Emergency services need to get through with their appliances to extinguish a fire, to pump potable water, to pump out a dam or to de-water a flooded area or critical assets.
That is why Hytrans provides a modular system; the parts such as the hydraulic pump unit and hose box with 152mm hose can be transported separately. Hose can be deployed by helicopters if need be.
Consider transport by train, truck, trailer or plane for (overseas) deployments.
This transportability combined with a high pumps capacity proves an efficient system after major emergencies. The City of Berkeley (USA) uses the Hytrans system to create an overland fire water reticulation system after earthquakes.
Or connect the Hytrans system to water purification units to produce potable water as done by the UN. A Hytrans unit cooled nuclear rods in Fukushima.
Main take away: a mobile system which can quickly transport lots of water over long distances is available, even when the road is not an option.