What do we need to put this out?

Water of course.

But at the Chullora Waste Recycling Centre, it was not that straightforward as:
  1. The onsite firewater tanks were empty quickly
  2. The nearby hydrant was already being used
  3. The nearest large capacity hydrant was 1,300 metres away

Fire and Rescue NSW evaluated, coordinated and acted quickly by deploying their Hytrans Bulk Water Transfer System. Two remote hydrants were connected to a 152mm yellow hose and pressure was boosted by the Hytrans hydraulic pump. The yellow hose was deployed at nearly 40km/hour and when it came close to the fire a manifold was connected splitting the flow into five 70mm lines which fed monitors and appliances.

This long distance mobile water supply system over more than 1,300 metres was set up in approx. 20 minutes by 2 FRNSW firefighters, Mick H and Peter M.  This configuration gave their helpful and dedicated colleague firefighters from station 97 and many others a continuous flow of at least 2,500 litres per minute to extinguish the fire and prevent further spread.

Mechanical recovery of 1,300 metres large diameter yellow hose took under 90 minutes.

A great example of how fires can be fought quicker and more efficient since FRNSW put their Bulk Water Transfer System into action.

Great teamwork again by all involved.