Wave Swell Energy is Swell with Rock Bags for Scour Protection at King Island in the wave zone off Bass Strait

King Island rock bags

Just like Google Maps, Wi-Fi, the Hills Hoist and the wine casks during lock
down….. Wave Swell is another Aussie success story, converting wave power
into electricity. The water rises and falls inside, forcing the air to pass by
a turbine at the top of the chamber. This turbine generates electricity.

Sometimes the shoreline and beach do not do exactly what we would like, and
in this case the waves also decided they would try and scour under the
Wave Swell 200kW unit.

Kyowa rock bags were quickly placed around the Wave Swell so the unit is
firmly in place on the seabed at Grassy, King Island. It is now protected from
wave scour, so….  Power On and let the waves work 24/7.

King Island has green electricity generated from wave power which supports
the Hydro Tasmania’s existing hybrid grid.
Kyowa rock bags contributed their bit to this success.
Watch how the rock bags were installed: www.bluemont.com.au
and how the Wave Swell unit works: