WA Pilbara Maritime Facility Rebuilds Lost Shoreline with Rock Bags

In the WA Pilbara region, the Beadon Creek maritime facility has been upgraded to enhance Onslow’s ability to service the offshore oil and gas industry off the Pilbara coast.

The Onslow Marine Supply Base’s deepening and extending of the access channel to the Beadon Creek maritime facility has increased the capacity to berth offshore marine supply and service vessels.

Upgrades to the breakwater enhances navigability and reduce the requirement for future maintenance.

In a recent storm, part of the shoreline was severely eroded, urgent scour protection was required to the adjacent their sheet piled wharf.
Recent storm events had eroded the shoreline and will potentially circumvent their sheet piles return wall.
With the cyclone season coming up which may have further storms hitting the area, the risk to further erosion was of concern.

The team from TAMS did a great job for the client, with the Superintendent saying “Gents, Project has successfully been completed, we didn’t even get a tear in one bag, great product.”


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