The ‘ole Blokes Just Know their Rock Bags

using kyowa rock bags to prevent erosion

If you came across a very winding creek with lots of snakes, what would you call it?

Well, the old-timers got together on a slow day a few years back and agreed to call it Snake Creek.

But when the creek flows fast after a heavy rain way upstream in the hill country, the damage can have some real venom.

Fences washed away, livestock lost, crops crushed, roads ruined and road crossings washed out.

Regular bridges and road crossings can be expensive and slow to build.

Using some bush ingenuity and problem-solving, they mixed  pre-cast concrete box culverts with easy to transport rock, a backhoe and some rock bags. Job done.

Time to clock off.

Using rock bags to prevent scour erosion on different types of waterways: .