The Old ‘Rail Bridge Over Dry Water’ Trick.

rail bridge

It’s dry you say. No water means no problem you say.
Not quite so Max, said 99.

Would you believe that waterways with rail bridges like this one can be bone dry for ages and then run a bank in a few hours?

Scouring on bridge embankments, revetments, pylons and piers is regular Kaos for Control across our drought and flood prone landscapes.

Often the in-frequency and velocity of flashflood waters can be a double agent with dried creek bed erosion and pylon scour in the single event.
Some of our ageing bridges and drought affected waterways need a little help.

Kyowa rock bags are a flexible gabion filled with rocks that allow for rapid and simple low-tech deployment.
The rock bags are also easily removed and re-installed for preventive maintenance inspections, without destruction to the pylon scour management works.

The only smart gadgets needed are small rocks, filling frame, the rock bags and a lift such as an excavator.
The old erosion and scour trick is now done for good. Sorry Max.

Information about Kyowa Rock Bags: