The Bridge Next to the Rainforest in FNQ: Rock Bags prevent Scour at Russell River.

Rock Bags at Russell River

Travelling up to Cairns on the Bruce Highway you will drive over a narrow 2 lane bridge just before Mirriwinni.
Magnificent ancient rainforests tower on your left.
The railway and sugarcane on the right.

Rock bags at Russell River and Bridges

The Russell River is not long and usually gentle.
But after rain it is a different story.
Erosion came too close to the piles under the bridge. TMR took action and RoadTek installed Kyowa rock bags as scour protection.
One excavator for preparing the ground, filling and placing the rock bags with a one point lift. Job done.
Kyowa rock bags can create substantial savings for many small and medium sized projects.
OK, we travel further north, so much else to see in Far North Queensland.

How Rock Bags are Filled and Deployed to Prevent Bridge Scour

Rock bags are a very simple concept. Make a very well engineered and manufactured netted bag, fill it with small rocks and fix the erosion problem.

Efficiency is gained by using excavators and minimal manual labour; quick, efficient and effective rock bags.

Watch how quick it is to fill a rock bag, click here.
See the simple steps to prepare a rock bag to deploy, click here

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