The Old Bridge Needs A Refurb. Side-Track Needed.

The bridge was not so good, the repair takes about 6 months and the road needs to remain open.
The water flow in the creek was a challenge.

The Queensland team used their Aussie creativity to simply pipe the crossing and use the rock bags to fill the gaps and make the road base.

Trucks and large diameter pipes – check. Excavator – check. Lots of rock – check.
Kyowa rock bags – check.

Place the pipes in the creek and secure them with the rock bags.
Place Kyowa rock bags up and downstream of the pipes to prevent erosion.

The rock bags can be easily lifted out and were afterwards re-purposed for erosion control on creek banks.
This project was funded by the QLD Government; the contractor RoadTek did an excellent job.

Road diversion made, let’s get back to that bridge.