Tackling Erosion in The Outback of Australia

preventing river erosion caused by water in australian farms

Erosion Out West

Erosion in the outback has been a concern for the sustainability of weirs and flumes. The relentless forces of nature, coupled with the region’s unique challenges, have pushed for the utilisation of innovative solutions to combat erosion.

Enter Rock Bags – a revolutionary tool fighting against erosion in water management infrastructure. Traditional methods of erosion control often fall short in the face of inland Australasia challenging conditions. Weirs and flumes, crucial components of water management, bear the brunt  of soil erosion, jeopardising their structural integrity.

Rock Bags are designed with precision, addressing the specific challenges posed by erosion in weirs and flumes. For this specific project, a large chunk of soil had collapsed.

The Solution

Rock filter units have deployed to support the flumes perimeter and prevent it from further erosion. Made using 100% recycled materials, these bags are extremely strong and environmentally friendly. This not only makes them effective in erosion prevention but also aligns with the global push for sustainable practices. The use of recycled materials not only contributes to environmental conservation but also reduces the overall project cost.


Kyowa rock bags used for erosion in the outbackThe bags were filled with locally sourced rocks which helps spread water flow and reduce the impact. This ensures that even in high-pressure scenarios, the bags hold their ground, preventing soil from being swept away. The flexible design of these rock bags ensures that they snugly fit into the contours of weirs and flumes, providing a stable barrier against erosive forces.

Rock bags offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for tackling erosion in the outback. This makes them an attractive option for water management authorities and local communities looking for sustainable, dynamic erosion control methods.

These low-maintenance flexible rock net gabions stand out as a beacon of hope in the battle against erosion in weirs and flumes.

Their technical innovation, incorporating recycled materials and innovative design, makes them a reliable and eco-friendly choice for safeguarding vital water infrastructure.



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Kyowa Rock Bags are 100% recycled