Seawall Erosion Control in NSW with Fish-Friendly Rock Bags

Many coastal structures in NSW need repair or replacement because they are severely weakened by erosion. The wave energy during high tides aggravates the issue, and a quick response is always necessary. Here’s one case of seawall erosion control we handled using our innovative rock bags

The Threat to the Lake Macquarie Seawall Construction

Tidal velocities at the Lake Macquarie channel entry are high as the channel width is limited. They damaged the seawall foundation and threatened its stability. Without prompt measures, the structure could fail and collapse, worsening the situation. Seawalls prevent the removal of sediment from lake shores and protect properties around the area from flood damage. They are a crucial asset.

The NSW council decided to implement a temporary solution until they design and execute a permanent measure to tackle seawall erosion control. They chose rock bags because they are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easy to deploy. 

Top-notch Performance by Rock Bags

Needless to say that rock bags performed excellently as expected. Due to their open, flexible structure, they became the perfect habitat for fish to hide and feed. Aquatic plants began to grow on the flexible rope net gabions, finding support between the small rocks. Our rock bags promote marine life growth better than other shoreline erosion prevention methods. 

It’s been a year, and we have noticed that the fish population and plants have grown significantly. Some rock bags are even invisible due to vegetation growth. They have become the perfect home, although it wasn’t the primary motive! 

A Cost-efficient Solution for Erosion 

Rock bags are a sustainable seawall erosion control solution manufactured using 100% recycled materials. You have to fill them with small rocks for deployment. The installation is fast and easy and hardly requires any foundation preparation. 

Rock bags are perfect for supporting and stabilising seawalls and other coastal and marine structures susceptible to erosion. Our clients also say rock bags are an excellent cost savings solution for emergency, temporary, or permanent coastal erosion control projects. 

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