Rock Bags used at NZ Port to extend wharf.

Bow thrusters are not a hang-over from Danny and Sandys’ 1970’s disco craze.
They are huge props underneath ships that cause no-end of heartbreak for ports.
Port or starboard doesn’t matter, but a champagne solution is required to change the Status Quo and rectify revetment and toe scouring and prevent it from happening again, again, again and again…

Size does matter, as ships have doubled in size in recent years, so have their bow thrusters which has created the need for wharf scouring protection.
Although all port authorities want to be able to take ships of all shapes and sizes, planning to upscale to take the huge new ULCV and cruise vessels while protecting the port assets is a big challenge.

The Kyowa rock bags meant this port authority could quickly and economically upscale their wharf ready for any size ship without a peep of toe scour.
All is ready for the next T-Birds to dock.