Rock bags: home for seaweed and the fishes

Rock bags at Swansea

We can’t control nature, but we can certainly work with it.
Nature is amazing and responds really well when we help it.
The rock bags at this jetty on the NSW central coast provide seawall stability from the ingoing and outgoing fast flowing tides.

The rock bags supporting the seawall allows nature to takeover.
These rock bags were installed 5 months ago and obviously nature approves as the flora growth is very strong.
The marine life may not be quite as colourful as the more tropical types, but it is thriving just the same.
The rock bags created a whole new world of habitat for the underwater locals including a few stars.

Whatever covers them: rock bags stabilise and protect infrastructure.
We know because we test.
We know because more then 1,100,000 Kyowa rock bags have been installed.

Kyowa rock bags are made from 100% recycled materials.
Photos of some of the ways rock bags prevent scour and erosion, click here.

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