Port of Mackay: Let the fuel unloading begin!

Import of diesel and other fuel products to medium sized ports around Australia is on the rise, partly fueled by
closure of some of our refineries, but also as new fuel suppliers expand their operations.
The unloading of fuel in ports requires additional fire protection. When berths have multiple users, this additional
fire protection is not constantly required.
A mobile system is the logical answer; when not used at the berth it can be used elsewhere. The Hytrans system
can be connected to the sites ring main as an alternative water source.
The hydraulically driven submersible pump easily pumps the sea water 12.5m from low tide to the top of the berth
and then to the monitor.
PUMA Energy is leading the way with their quick and easy to deploy mobile all-in-one unit with Hytrans pump,
supplying over 5,000 litres of seawater with a throw of 30 metres to cover all the critical fuel unloading areas.