NOAQ Boxwalls Defend Against Storm Babet

NOAQ Boxwall Storm babet

Storm Babet Hits Hard

Storm Babet, a real powerhouse weather system, paid Denmark an unwelcome visit, leaving quite an impression on the country. This storm didn’t hold back, bringing strong winds, heavy rain, and rough seas, causing quite a commotion across the nation.

The coastal areas of Denmark took the brunt of Babet’s fury, getting pummelled by seriously strong winds and dealing with some serious flooding in the low-lying spots. We’re talking uprooted trees, downed power lines, and a whole mess when it came to transportation – plenty of travel headaches and safety worries to go around.

NOAQ Boxwalls Save The Day

In response, the Danish authorities gave the heads-up, telling folks to hunker down and stay safe. Flood barriers of all types were deployed, some ultimately failing against the strong waters and collapsing. However,  one café owner deployed the NOAQ Boxwall flood barrier system to defend against the 97cm high flood waters. Thankfully, the 100cm high flood barriers performed exceptionally against Storm Babet. She managed to re-open the café undamaged just in time for the last day of the season.

NOAQ Boxwalls are available in 50cm (BW52) and 100cm (BW102) heights and are an extremely simple system to deploy. Most efficiently deployed in a team of 2 or more people, it will only take approximately 25 minutes to deploy 100m of Boxwall units.







Easy to deploy and easy to pack up, NOAQ Boxwalls are a fantastic solution for fast and effective flood defence plans!

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