It’s here. Insurance approved flood barrier!

AquaFence flood barrier has had great success in the US during Sandy, in Europe and in Asia after the Thai floods.
The principle is simple and effective: the weight of water on the horizontal board is more than enough to prevent the vertical board from going anywhere. This Norwegian system works well on fairly flat surfaces and offers flood protection up to 2.1 metre.
The AquaFence flood barrier is FM Approved, so re-negotiate your flood insurance policy!
New Yorkers use AquaFence to protect buildings; AquaFence circles Nestle production plants in Thailand and protects factories in Hungary. Diversions of river streams, protection of towns, river bank repairs, civil works, and cofferdams are all applications which help you to prevent flood damage and control water.
At the FMA Conference in Deniliquin in May we shall display AquaFence for the first time!