Hytrans flood pumps at North Rhine, Germany

Hytrans Fire System is deployed to protect buildings from floodwater from the Alte Issel River, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany

On July 27th 2016 the Hytrans Fire System was used to pump water from land surrounding farms and a nursery downstream into the flooded Alte Issel River. Pumping occurred at the rapid rate of approximately 6,000 liters a minute. Parallel B and F hoses were used to transport the water from the Hytrans pump over a distance of 700 metres. The Hytrans System is positioned on a heavy-duty truck with a hydraulic crane arm from the Environmental Protection and Technical Aid unit of the Düsseldorf Fire Department. It was called up at midnight on 26th July as part of a platoon consisting of a command car, hose carrier, logistical equipment carrier, truck carrying firefighting and rescue gear and a minivan with communication equipment. The platoon from Düsseldorf Fire Station took over the emergency site from an emergency service team from Arnsberg which had been deployed there for the previous 24 hours. At 10.00 am further personnel came from Düsseldorf to relieve the platoon. As the water levels of the Alte Issel continued to rise regular checks were made of the ground in nearby areas by the command car of the environmental protection unit and the unit leader (C – Group 10 of the Düsseldorf Fire Service. At that time it was not known yet how long the operation would continue.