Hydraulic high volume pumps de-water critical sites during German floods

When extremely high water levels in the Rhine and Elbe rivers caused major flooding in June, many emergency
services used their fleet of Hytrans mobile high volume pumps to de-water flooded areas contributing to a fast
return to normal operations of public services.
The flooded Magdeburg Tram Depot was de-watered using a high volume pump from the Magdeburg Fire Brigade
for several days. The hi-flow pump can pump up to 8,000 litres per minute. Elsewhere the yellow float from the
submersible pump was removed so the pump itself could be lowered into manholes to pump out water/sewage
from up to 60 meters deep, in order to prevent overflowing.
The Rosenheim Fire Brigade used their Hytrans high volume pump units for flood relief in Deggendorf for a week.
The Freistaat Bayern Emergency Services creatively used the unit’s air cooling to dry their wading pants…, while
pumping large volumes of water at the same time.
By easily changing the standard submersible pump with a flood submersible pump, the capacity of these Hytrans
units changes to 20,000 and even up to 50,000 litres per minute; the latter being more than a backyard swimming
pool every minute.