The Latest in Large Diameter Fire Hose Auto Recovery: The AutoFlaker 300

alt text: large diameter fire hose recovery by autoflaker

There was a time when firefighters had to struggle and put in a lot of effort to retrieve a large diameter fire hose to store them back in the unit. Needless to say, this is super time-consuming and inconvenient, especially when it comes to emergency response. It also makes us question the practicality of such fire apparatus. Say goodbye to that era!

The AutoFlaker 300 By Hytrans Mobile Water Supply System

The world-renowned Hytrans Fire System is all about making a firefighter’s job easy and hassle-free.

It not only allows you to deploy a large diameter fire hose smoothly but also retrieves it automatically. You no longer have to worry about handling a bulky hose because the AutoFlaker 300 is specially designed for the purpose. It can recover hoses of large volumes from sizes 200mm/8” to 300mm/12” within a short period of time.

Low Labour Cost and High Efficiency

Utilizing the wireless remote, the large diameter hose can be flaked and stored in a portable position. The AutoFlaker 300 will move in all four directions to flake the water supply hose efficiently.

You won’t be needing anyone to roll the hose back properly, because the retrieval unit does a flawless job of it. The whole task requires only one person, or should we say – just one hand to hold the remote!

It also makes exercise and training in the fire department so much easier. As the AutoFlaker 300 handles the burdensome task of retrieving the large water supply hose, your team can spend more time training and getting prepared for fire service!

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