Great Barrier Reef NavAids Scour fixed by Rock Bags after Cyclone Trevor

Rock bags at the Great Barrier Reef

In 2019 Cyclone Trevor damaged the offshore Navigational Aids from Lockhart River (Northern Great Barrier Reef region) through Lads Passage.

Some of the damage Trevor caused was scouring around the bases of the NavAids. Pacific Marine Group recently completed the refurbishment and upgrade of the Nav Aids including base scour protection by using the Kyowa Rock Bags.
Works included locations from Cooktown to north of Lockhart River. Even with some of Trevor’s relatives and other severe weather systems trying to slow work down and causing havoc, the project was completed successfully, with some help from the efficient and effective rock bag process.

If you see Trevor in your travels, be kind as he’s still recovering from his tantrum in 2019.

Hear more about the Rock Bags scour and erosion mitigation works at the 2021 Coast to Coast Conference in Cairns.

Or for more information on using rock bags in Coastal Applications .