Great Barrier Reef NavAids Scour Fixed by Rock Bags After Cyclone Trevor

Rock bags at the Great Barrier Reef

Have you heard of rock bags? They are a scour solution that’s very versatile when it comes to applicability. These rock bags aren’t just for riverbanks, railways, or bridges. They also like to do daring jobs underwater. Want to hear a raving success story?

Cyclone Trevor Crippling NavAids

In 2019, Cyclone Trevor caused immense damage to the Offshore Navigational Aids from Lockhart River (Northern Green Barrier Reef region) through LADS Passage. NavAids is important for the navigation of the Great Barrier Reef, and it was crucial to renovate it as soon as possible.

Some of the damages caused by Trevor were due to scouring around the bases of the NavAids. Pacific Marine Group undertook the task of refurbishing and upgrading the NavAids for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). It included base scour protection using Kyowa rock bags.

A Reliable Scour Solution

Rock bags were deployed in several locations from Cooktown to the north of Lockhart River. The job wasn’t easy since Trevor’s relatives and other severe weather conditions slowed the work down, trying to wreak havoc at every opportunity.

But, the process of preparing rock bags and deploying them was a quick task, requiring minimal labour. Fortunately, they were able to complete the task efficiently and successfully despite the obstacles! If you meet Trevor while travelling, be kind as he is still recovering from his tantrum in 2019.

Offshore and Subsea Uses of Rock Bags

In addition to protecting marine infrastructure such as wind farms, oil platforms, gas production sites, and more, rock bags are also useful for various offshore and subsea projects. You can even use them for protecting submarine cable and underwater pipelines. Placing rock bags on them will prevent cables from swaying and sustaining damages.

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