Forest fire on Hennesee – A rural fire brigade exercise with Hytrans

The Hytrans Fire System was deployed for a 2 day large-scale fire exercise in July by two regional volunteer fire services in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 360 personnel from the Siegen-Wittgenstein, Olpe, Markisch , Hagen regions and the Hochsauerland district participated in the exercise named ‘Forest Fire on the Hennesee ‘ which took place in the municipality of Menschede watched by Helmut Probst, the state Inspector for Fire and Emergency . The new Hytrans Fire System is located usually at Olpe and was transported to Menschede on a 4- axle truck. ‘It is being tested in the field to see if it can provide water over long distances,’ explained Bernd Krause, the District Fire Chief of the Hochsauerland district.  Recently 6 of these units and 2000 meters of hose were used to manage floodwater in Borken nearby. As part of this exercise the water of the Hennesee Lake was pumped up to 100 metres high at a rate of 1600 litres a minute out of the multiple monitors and fired at spruce forest.  The recommendations of the leadership team will be taken into account for the acquisition of new equipment said the press spokesman of the Hochsauerland Fire Department , Ferdinand Drescher.