How does it work?

The Boxwall flood barrier is a self-anchoring, mobile wall that replaces sandbags and provides flood protection.

The NOAQ Boxwall BW52 creates a barrier for water up to a height of 500mm.

The NOAQ Boxwall BW102 creates a barrier for water up to a height of 1000mm.


The Boxwall portable flood barrier is so light that it can quickly be set up to protect buildings and other property against water damage, and also to keep roads open.

The Boxwall mobile flood mitigation solution is designed for use on an even, firm surface, such as a paved street, pavers in grass or a concrete floor.

The Boxwall is patent-protected in a large number of countries.

A Boxwall consists of sections (boxes) that are linked together by means of a simple manual operation.

Each Boxwall mobile flood barrier unit consists of a damming part (the rear wall), an anchor part (the horizontal section that rests on the ground) and a sealing part (the front edge of the horizontal section. Sealing strips of rubber foam are fitted under the front and side edges.

Each Boxwall portable flood barrier is also fitted with a pair of cellular rubber soles to create a good grip on the deployment surface.

NOAQ Boxwall