How does Boxwall work?

As a modern alternative for the hefty sandbagging method, NOAQ Boxwall helps you protect your valuable commercial properties from flood damage. The self-anchoring mobile flood barrier is an essential tool for areas that are more prone to floods. These flood protection barriers are ideal for use on hard, even surfaces such as paved streets, grass pavers, and concrete floors. Now, you might be thinking, how do flood barriers work? Keep reading!

Impressive Functionality 

Each NOAQ Boxwall unit consists of three components, as shown in the image below. All three play a vital part in preventing commercial flood damage, saving you money and time.


Ease of Assembly 

The NOAQ Boxwall units are temporary flood protection barriers built by joining one unit with the other. The BW52 creates a barrier for water up to a height of 500mm, while the BW102 creates a barrier for water up to a height of 1000mm.

All you have to do is simple. Transport NOAQ Boxwall units to the flood-prone site and begin to build a wall by clicking the units together. Use as many units as required to get the desired barrier length. You can create a 2-meter or even 2000-meter long flood barrier from them.

Rapid Deployment 

Deployment is quick, and you can build a 100-meter long barrier in under 25 minutes! Although one person can build a wall easily, two can make things quicker and easier. The number of people really depends on the length and time you have.

Isn’t that just great?
There is absolutely no requirement for shovels, sand bags, or tedious effort! Who thought that fixing a flood barrier could be such a breeze!

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NOAQ Boxwall