NOAQ Boxwall FAQs

How does NOAQ Boxwall work?

The NOAQ Boxwall is a free standing flood prevention and mitigation barrier created by connecting these barrier units together.

These L-shaped barriers act as a temporary dam preventing flood water from entering the premises. The weight of flood water on the anchoring part of the Boxwall units keeps the barrier upright and strong.

What’s the water level the barrier can handle?

The BW52 can withstand flood water levels up to 50cm (500mm/0.5metre/20inches).

The BW102 can handle flood water levels up to 100cm (1000mm/1metre/40inches).

What are the dimensions of the Boxwall mobile flood barrier?

NOAQ Boxwall is available in two models. Their dimensions as length x width x height,

What is the weight of a Boxwall unit?

BW52 (500mm) weighs 3.4kg. BW102 (1000mm) weighs 15.2kg.

How long is a Boxwall mobile flood barrier?

Each Boxwall unit covers approximately 900mm in length. You can create a flood barrier of the required length by connecting Boxwall units together. 

Where can I use the Boxwall flood barrier?

NOAQ Boxwall is primarily designed for urban areas. It is ideal for hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, bitumen, or pavers. If you plan to use them on other surfaces, note that there may be seepage through the gaps between the Boxwall and the ground. In these cases, you can use a plastic sheet to lay under the Boxwall units and on the wet area – covering a few metres – to reduce the effect of possible seepage.

Does Boxwall work only on flat surfaces?

Boxwall is highly effective when used on smooth and even surfaces because there won’t be gaps for water to seep through. The seal between the flat ground and the flood barrier makes seepage minimal or hardly noticeable. But, you can still use them on slightly uneven surfaces to reduce the impact of flood damage. 

Can Boxwall protect large areas or properties from flood damage?

Yes. It is ideal for protecting large urban areas. From commercial properties to car parks, schools, public sites, construction areas, and other urban spaces. The barrier’s length is adjustable and can be extended as you wish by using more Boxwall units. 

Do Boxwalls stop fast-flowing water?

Yes. Boxwall mobile flood barriers can also be deployed to divert fast-flowing water.

Even if the water overtops the Boxwall units, they will remain in place and hold back the water level that’s up to their height.

How quickly can I deploy a Boxwall mobile flood barrier?

Two people can create a flood barrier at a speed of 4 metres per minute. You can easily deploy a 100-metre-long floodwall in under 25 minutes. With more people, the task is even quicker and easier. NOAQ Boxwall is one of the best solutions for flash floods due to the speed of deployment. 

How do I set up a Boxwall flood barrier?

The base or anchoring part of the Boxwall should be facing the direction of the flood water. Starting from left to right, you have to keep joining Boxwall units together by snapping one into the other. Here’s how to do it:

      1. Install the toe lock 
      2. Ensure the units are overlapping
      3. Clip the locating lug into the locking slot at the top
      4. Keep repeating the process


How many people do I need to assemble a Boxwall barrier?

Typically, two people can assemble 4 metres per minute. You can also do it alone if there’s time, but more people can make the deployment quick and efficient. 

Do you need special tools to assemble a Boxwall?

No. Boxwall is a freestanding mobile flood barrier that can be assembled by simply clicking the units together. It is a self-contained solution that doesn’t require any special tools for deployment.

How many Boxwall units come per pallet?

26 Boxwall units come in our standard pallets of 800 x 1200 mm for the BW52.

32 Boxwall units are in the crate for the BW102.

Gables are provided separately. 

Can the Boxwall be affected by wind?

NOAQ Boxwall is strong enough to resist flash floods. However, it is still light in weight for easy portability and deployment. So, yes, it can be affected by strong winds. You can place some weight on the base, like chains or sandbags, to prevent them from dislodging.

What should I do to stabilise the Boxwall barrier during strong currents?

The Boxwall doesn’t need any external element to be stabilised or held securely in place during strong currents. The water pressure keeps the units in place, and high pressure means it’s very stable. 

What is the measurement of the highest Boxwall available?

The highest Boxwall mobile flood barrier, BW102, is 1000mm (40 inches) tall.

Do Boxwalls leak?

The gap between the flood barrier and the ground depends on the smoothness of the ground and the depth of the floodwater. With more water depth, the pressure holding the Boxwall is high. The gap is almost non-existent, and seepage is minimal. If the ground is rough, there could be significant seepage due to the gap between the mobile flood barrier and the ground surface.

How can I detach the Boxwall units after use?

Once you have washed and cleaned the flood barrier, start detaching the units from left to right. First, unclip the top locating lug from the locking slot. Then, lift the Boxwall from the back and pull the locking toe clip out. That’s all. 

How do I clean Boxwall units after use?

After flood water subsides, detach each unit and wash the dirt off using a hose. If there is thick mud or residue, use a high-pressure washer to get rid of them. But, make sure you don’t aim it at the rubber foam seals as the pressure can damage them. 

How do I store the Boxwall units?

As Boxwall units are stackable, they can be stored compactly in the crates they were delivered in or anywhere else. It’s only a matter of piling one on top of the other and storing the lot horizontally or vertically. 

Please ensure they are dry first before storing.  

When was NOAQ Boxwall founded? 

The NOAQ Boxwall mobile flood barrier was introduced to the market in 2015 by a Swedish company called NOAQ Flood Protection.

Where are Boxwalls made?

The Boxwall units are exclusively made in Sweden by the founding company.

What are Boxwalls made of?

The NOAQ Boxwall units are made from tough yet flexible polypropylene.

Do emergency services use Boxwalls?

Yes. Boxwall mobile flood barriers are used by emergency services such as fire brigades, civil defence services, and local councils to manage flood crises and minimise damage.

Is Boxwalls a better alternative to sandbags?

Of course. NOAQ Boxwall has proven to be a more effective and convenient alternative to the hefty sandbagging method. A single Boxwall unit is equal to a stack of 5 sandbags

Compared to the time-consuming process of filing a sandbag that weighs 15-18kgs, Boxwalls are quick, efficient, and very light in weight. They are also reusable

Are Boxwalls expensive?

The initial investment in Boxwalls may seem expensive compared to traditional sandbags. However, they can be reused and are cost-effective in the long run. They also help in preventing flood damage, saving you money and resources.

Can Boxwalls fit around corners and bends?

Yes. Boxwall has corner units that are 30° each. If you want to make a 90° corner, click 3x corners units together. You can also make a pool by joining 12 corner units together!

Also, the Boxwall straight units have a 3° curve feature built into them so they can gently curve over a distance.

What is the use of gables?

If the Boxwall flood barrier passes over kerbstones or small steps, these gables can help you with it. They are extensions that adjust to the height differences in kerbs.

What other countries do you cover outside AU, NZ, and the Pacific Islands?

Bluemont offers its products in the ANZ Pacific region. Boxwall flood barriers are available globally via local distributors.

Does Bluemont provide training on how to assemble a Boxwall barrier?

We can. But, the deployment of this mobile flood barrier is so straightforward that training is usually not needed.

We provide specification brochures, fact sheets, photos, and other resources to help you as well. Furthermore, we also have videos demonstrating how to set up Boxwall units easily.

Is NOAQ Boxwall an eco-friendly flood protection solution?

The longer lifespan of the Boxwall makes it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution. Broken or damaged Boxwall units can be recycled to manufacture new ones too.

We are a wholly-owned Australian company providing emergency and prevention fire, flooding, and erosion solutions. So, if you are looking to uplevel your flood prevention and mitigation strategy? Get in touch with us by filling the form on our site. You can also call +61 2 9091 0360 or email 

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