Boxwall Applications

NOAQ Boxwall Applications

Commercial flooding of businesses and building projects can put a halt to your daily operations. Wouldn’t you want to STOP this from happening all at once?

NOAQ Boxwall is an innovative mobile flood control barrier that comes in handy for emergency situations. It’s one of the best temporary flood protection products available worldwide today for commercial properties. They are quick and easy to deploy, requiring the effort of a couple of people or a single person!

Where Can You Install NOAQ Boxwall to Prevent Commercial Flooding?

NOAQ Boxwall is primarily suitable for urban areas and works well on hard and even surfaces like asphalt and concrete. They are widely used by businesses and industries to control commercial flooding. Even local governments use it to protect their flood-prone areas. Various tests over the years prove that NOAQ Boxwall is also ideal for controlling flash floods in the streets.

So, ideally, you can use NOAQ Boxwall in,

Handy Features of NOAQ Boxwall 

Length Adjustment

The use of gable elements can help you adjust the length of the Boxwall barrier and prevent flooding. For example, if you need the flood barrier to be of an exact length (between two walls), you can insert a gable element on each end of the barrier, overlapping with the Boxwall and filling the small/large space.

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Kerb stones

Again, using gable ends helps you pass kerb stones and minor steps easily. You should put two reversed gable sections together, one at the upper level and the other at the lower level. Screw them together to hold them in place.

Creating corners 

Sharp corners can easily be created using corner elements/units. They pair easily with the standard Boxwall unit as the coupling mechanism is the same. Inserting corner units at the right places helps you avoid obstacles and build a flood barrier for commercial flooding.

A Much Better Option than Flood Control Sandbags

Engineered to replace sandbags, NOAQ Boxwall comes as units that can be attached together to form a lengthy barrier of your requirement. They come in 500mm and 1000mm sizes to tackle floods up to 1 meter in height! One unit of 500mm, weighing just 3.4kg, is equal to 5 sandbags stacked on top of another. The 1000mm unit is 15.2kg in weight.

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