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Twin element, 2 hoses laid side by side permanently2 single elements strapped together
Beaver Flood BarrierM 50MXL 80          H 100       S 130
Tube diameter (in cm)6090110150
Maximum design head of water (in cm)5080100130
Maximum design head of water (in cm) when stacked80125ca. 150ca. 190
Length in metre5,10,205,10,155,10,155,10
Empty weight of a 10m element (in kg)(Twin element)(Single element)
Weight of a 10m twin element filled with water in (kg)7,00012,00015,00035,000
Filling connectionsStorz 55/75
Water drains1 at each extremity
Weight870 g/m21200 g/m2
Tensile strength at 5 cm > 410 kg > 540 kg
MaterialPVC laminate, coated on both sides – Operational temperature range: -30°/ +70°
BEAVER Chemical Resistance Chart – PVC
BEAVER Flood Barrier Brochure
BEAVER Deployment Instructions

Mobile flood barrier (tubes) by beaver