How does HYTRANS Mobile Water Supply System work?

The HYTRANS mobile water supply system consists of 4 major components:

1. Submersible Pump

The submersible pump pushes (no suction, no priming) the water into large diameter hose. The submersible pump is an innovative hydraulically driven portable submersible pump that allows quick access to any open water source.

The pump lift (vertical metres between the submersible pump and the power pack) can be up to 60 metres / 195 feet.

2. HydroSub Power Pack

Capacities of the HydroSub Power Packs are from 1,500 L/min to 30,000 L/min.

The containerised diesel-driven power pack powers the hydraulic pump and the other parts of the system. Larger units feature a built-in booster pump and (optionally) a foam proportioner.  The HydroSubs feature an easy to use control panel, while at the same time the advanced IQAN software will monitor all essential parts including pressure and flow.  The control system will warn the user by signal or send out SMS’s to multiple designated persons about any pumping issues. With an optional modem the Hytrans unit can also remotely communicate with the Hytrans technical division for services such as program updates and run data download.


3. Large Diameter Hose / Flood Hose

Large diameter hoses vary from 150 mm / 6″ up to up to 300 mm / 12″ and minimise friction losses. This allows large amounts of water to be delivered efficiently over long distances. These hoses typically use Storz or Multilug couplings.

Every user of a HYTRANS system can build a HYTRANS configuration to fit the specific challenges the user is faced with.

The key user variables often are:

4. Hose Laying and Hose Recovery

Hytrans offer a mechanised hose laying and hose recovery system for large diameter hose up to 300 mm / 12″. The result is that fire fighters can now deploy much larger sized hoses over longer distances with very limited manpower and with minimum pressure loss.

A truck equipped with a Hose Layer Container and a Hose Recovery Unit provides an excellent and work safe hose laying and retrieving operation. 1,000 metres of large 6 inch diameter hose is recovered and ready for deployment in only 30 minutes.

Hose Recovery Units can handles hoses between 100 mm / 4″ and 300 mm / 12″.

HYTRANS Mobile High Volume Flood Pumps