How does FloodBreak work?

The FloodBreak flood barrier system is an automatic flood gate ideal for protecting both small and large-scale buildings and areas. It’s recognized worldwide as a highly efficient, passive flood barrier capable of withstanding even severe flooding conditions. One of the reasons for the popularity of FloodBreak automatic floodgates is their functioning mechanism.

With no requirement of people, electricity, pumps, or battery power for operation, this flood barrier is undeniably a sophisticated solution. Then, how do flood barriers work?

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A Simple Yet Innovative Mechanism

FloodBreak flood barrier system uses only flood water to function! It’s one of the popular flood-fighting systems that fight water with water! Let us explain.

floodbreak automatic floodgates mechanism

Step 1

Before a flood hits an area, FloodBreak automatic floodgates lie flat on the ground, well-integrated to the surrounding architecture. As it starts to flood, the water level makes the aluminium beam float, activating the self-sealing rubber gasket. Simply put, the hydrostatic pressure of rising flood levels activates the flood barrier system. 

Step 2

The flood barrier gets lifted gradually with the water pressure, preventing water from entering your premises. So, with the rising water level, the barrier lifts up further, working even more efficiently. Even if your area is hit with a heavy flash flood, you don’t have to worry, as the FloodBreak will do its job.

Step 3

As the water level goes down, the barrier also lowers itself. Eventually, it will go back to its hidden position, letting you run operations interrupted again. Vehicles and people can resume their work, moving over the barrier as it appears almost non-existent!

The Best Flood Barrier System

The FloodBreak automatic floodgates work day and night, giving you much-needed peace of mind. It’s easy to install and can last for even decades. It’s a low-maintenance yet long-lasting flood barrier that prevents a lot of hassle. They don’t even need any lubrication to work!

If you want to know more about FloodBreak, contact Bluemont by calling +61 2 9091 0360 or emailing us at [email protected] We are a wholly-owned Australian company, operating in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. 

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