Pedestrian FloodBreak

FloodBreak automatic floodgates are a modern and innovative solution for flood protection. Although suitable for residential properties, this flood response mechanism is more applicable for commercial properties, industrial sites, and public spaces in general. You can install the passive flood barrier during construction or afterwards without much effort. Moreover, you can also paint its exterior to fit the build, so it remains hidden when not in use.

FloodBreak Pedestrian Flood BarrierPedestrian Barrier

Vehicle Barrier Vehicle Barrier

The Best Emergency Flood Response Solution

The FloodBreak Pedestrian Flood Gate is primarily for areas and buildings frequented by people. Installing this flood barrier system in pedestrian entrances can prevent floodwater from entering the premises and disrupting day-to-day activities. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor flood barrier installations.

It provides permanent flood protection 24/7 without the requirement of human intervention or electricity. At present, FloodBreak Pedestrian Flood Gate is a leading choice for flood protection in,

The automatic floodgates are usually installed as a flood response system in areas vulnerable to floods and water damage such as,

Roadway BarrierRoadway Barrier

Vehicle BarrierVehicle Barrier

Uninterrupted Access When Inactive

The FloodBreak automatic floodgates remain flat below ground level when not in use. It allows pedestrians to carry on their activities without any interruption. When floodwater hits the premises, the flood gate activates on its own due to hydrostatic pressure. It gradually lifts up and creates a barricade between the entrance and flood water.

Wide Range of Customisation Options

Are you worried that it will look out of place in your beautifully designed building? Don’t worry. Many of our customers customise the exterior of the floodgate to match the style of their buildings.

You can cover the barrier lid with any aesthetic finish. In addition, you can also change the aluminium walls of the barrier by painting or replacing them with another material. These architectural treatments don’t affect the flood response ability and specs of this passive flood barrier! Their adaptability to any interior is another reason why FloodBreak is so popular.

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