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Flash floods and riverine floods can cause severe damage to transport infrastructure and vehicles. While interrupting public life and transport activities, it can also bring a heavy capital loss. Local governments would have to spend more and more on national flood insurance. The best solution to avoid these issues is to have a reliable flood hazard mitigation plan in place.

FloodBreak Pedestrian Flood BarrierPedestrian Barrier

Vehicle Barrier Vehicle Barrier

How to Control Floods on Roads?

Are you looking for the best flood mitigation measures to safeguard vehicles and roadways? Look no further! Designed to control floods on roads, FloodBreak is an automatic flood barrier ideal for low-level street flooding. It doesn’t need the support of manpower or electricity to operate. Instead, it uses the force and water level of the flood to create a barrier and protect valuable infrastructure.

FloodBreak Vehicle Flood Gate

A vehicle is an important asset to its owner. So, it’s paramount that businesses and car park management services take the best steps to protect them from flood risk. But, do you have the time to deploy mobile flood barriers around a large car park following a time-sensitive warning of floods?

FloodBreak is the best flood hazard mitigation system for places frequented by vehicles. During flood events, they work effectively in preventing floodwater from entering the site. When inactive, they lay flat beneath ground level to offer unrestricted access for vehicles to move along.

With FloodBreak Vehicle Flood Gate, you no longer have to worry about your vehicles sustaining flood damage. You can install it in:

Roadway BarrierRoadway Barrier

Vehicle BarrierVehicle Barrier

FloodBreak Roadway Flood Gate

What happens when a flash flood hits a roadway or highway? In addition to transport and travel activities getting disrupted, it can also damage the roads. We build roadways in the hope of utilising them for decades with minimal repair.

So, we must avoid potential damages from floods on roads as much as possible. With the FloodBreak flood hazard mitigation system, there’s no need for road closures due to flooding for maintenance, cleaning, or repair activities. Vehicles can resume using the roadways just like before!

FloodBreak Roadway Flood Gate is applicable for,

FloodBreak flood barrier eases the burden of emergency services and national flood insurance programs. It’s the best investment for flood-prone areas!

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