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The FloodBreak Automatic self-closing flood barrier is a fully-engineered system that will automatically protect entrances from street-level ­flooding.

When not deployed, the gate remains hidden in the ground and with zero impact on traffic, pedestrian or vehicles.

The system can be covered with a variety of materials, including carpet, pavers, or tiles.

The FloodBreak flood barrier is a completely automatic flood mitigation system for any building in need of flooding solutions.


Revolutionary Flood Control.

The FloodBreak’s passive ­flood mitigation solutions are fully automatic and do not depend on people, power or pumps to deploy or recover the self closing flood barrier solution.

It is the only practical, truly passive self closing flood barrier mitigation solution – the preferred method according to FEMA.

Low Profile Installation, The Smart Choice.


The barrier requires only a low profile setting within the slab, so it can be included from the first construction or installed as an after market automatic permanent flood barrier. FloodBreak has been protecting customers since 2002. Major hospitals, governments, and commercial facilities all rely on FloodBreak’s 24/7 flood protection.

In the past two years alone, there have been many identified flood saving deployments.

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