AquaFence FAQs

What type of flood barrier is AquaFence?

AquaFence is a fold-out fence type of mobile flood barrier. It consists of two-panel units connected by steel rods. The vertical panel should face the property or area that needs to be protected – while the horizontal panel faces the direction of flood water.

How does the AquaFence mobile flood barrier work?

You have to unfold the fence to form an L shape. Keep it erect using the engineered stabiliser rods provided and the pre-installed steel wires for further stability. The wall, created by the vertical panels, prevents water from entering the property. The pressure and depth of the flood water will weigh down the base or the horizontal panel, holding the AquaFence barrier in place.

How do you join AquaFence panels?

AquaFence has an aluminium clamp system used to join panels together. You will notice a concave and convex edge on either side of the base. Connect the concave edge of one panel with the convex edge of the other – the PVC canvas strip helps seal the gap between the two panels to eliminate seepage.

What is the material of the AquaFence barrier?

AquaFence barrier panels are made from Marine laminated plywood and fortified PVC sheeting. The other metal components are constructed using aluminium and marine-grade stainless steel.

What are the dimensions of an AquaFence mobile flood barrier panel?

AquaFence is available in different sizes. The dimensions of different models as height x width:

How much does an AquaFence panel weigh?

The average-sized AquaFence barrier (V2100) weighs 110kg. It is similar to a 3x or 4x person lift. 

Is AquaFence a tested and approved product?

Yes. AquaFence mobile barrier has undergone several tests – including impacting heavy logs against the barrier – to determine its ability to withstand high water velocities and different flood water heights.

AquaFence is recognised as one of the best flood protection systems worldwide. It has earned certifications from FM Global (Platinum Level), the US Army Corps of Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and other globally recognised companies.

What is the length of the AquaFence mobile flood barrier?

AquaFence panels come in different widths ranging from 1-2 metres. By connecting panels together, you can create a barrier of the length you need.

How can I set up the AquaFence mobile flood barrier?

      1. Unfold the panel at the deployment site, with the open end facing the flood water
      2. Secure the panels with the stabiliser rods 
      3. Attach one panel to the other using the locking and sealing mechanisms
      4. Ensure that the flood barrier extends properly along the flood line

Find AqueFence deployment and installation guide here

What are the applications of the AquaFence barrier?

AquaFence is primarily designed to protect large areas like factories, industrial sites, commercial buildings, car parks, and shopping complexes. In addition to flood protection, you can also use it to divert water from rivers and other waterways.

How many people does it require to deploy an AquaFence mobile flood barrier?

On average, you need a minimum of four people to deploy 100 metres within 4 hours. With more people, the deployment can be faster. AquaFence only requires a fraction of the workforce needed to deploy sandbags.

What is the maximum water level that the AquaFence barrier can handle?

The AquaFence V2700 can withstand flood water levels up to 2.7 metres (2700mm/9’). This is the maximum available height – ideal for protecting properties from flash floods.

What’s the ideal terrain for the AquaFence barrier?

This flood barrier is primarily designed for urban solid and levelled surfaces like concrete and asphalt. In most urban areas, these won’t require foundation works as the weight of the water will keep it steady. You can also install them on uneven grounds by preparing the ground appropriately and using screws and clamp tracks to secure the fence.

Can I get custom or special AquaFence units for steps, corners, or areas with doors?

Yes. AquaFence can provide customised units to transition up or down the steps and gutters and to attach to wall ends. We can also provide units done in particular shapes to overcome the obstacles along the flood line. There are design panels that help you create 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° corners. We provide a complete mobile flood barrier for optimum protection.

Is AquaFence environmentally friendly?

Yes. AquaFence is a great alternative to sandbags. With an impressive load bearing and impact resistance ability, you can use it repeatedly for floor protection purposes. Its certified reusability is 60 times. All AquaFence parts are made to last over a decade with proper maintenance. It is a highly sustainable flood protection solution.

Does Bluemont provide training on how to deploy AquaFence?

Yes. Bluemont provides on-site training on the deployment and maintenance of the AquaFence mobile flood barrier. There are also images, brochures, spec sheets, and video guides demonstrating how to use the barrier effectively against strong floods.

Does AquaFence mobile flood barrier come with a warranty?

You will receive a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer for AquaFence barriers that are maintained and well handled. 

How many AquaFence panels come per crate?

It depends on the size of the AquaFence panels you order. A crate sized 2.25 x 1.26 x 1.28 metres usually holds around ten panels. You can use the crate for storing the panels after use too.

Does Bluemont ship worldwide?

No. Bluemont operates in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. You can purchase AquaFence from your local dealer. 

If you are looking for a globally-renowned flood mitigation system you can use over and over, contact us and request a quote for your site or commercial property. We are Australia’s top experts in flood, fire and erosion prevention systems.


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