How Does Aqua-Sac® Work?

Aqua-Sac® is an innovative flood control solution compared to traditional sandbags. These self-inflating sandbags don’t require sand at all. They only use water to control floods. The ease of handling, speed of deployment, and sheer efficiency make Aqua-Sac® the perfect solution for mitigating accidental water damage in commercial and urban settings. They also help contain sewage spills occurring from damaged pipes.

preparing water tank for self inflating sandbags

The Unique Design of Aqua-Sac®

The Aqua-Sac® sandless sandbag features a simple design but holds an effective water-absorbing mechanism. The bag consists of an outer layer and an inner pocket. The exterior is a permeable layer made from jute that allows water to seep through easily. The interior pocket is made of cotton and contains a sheet of super absorbent polymer (SAP).

The instant sandless sandbag also features a middle stitch, connecting both layers.

Aqua-Sac® Self-Inflating Sandbags at Work

The Aqua-Sac® bags work by absorbing water and inflating in size. They can get up to 30 times bigger than their original size. First, you inflate them to some extent and place them around the property or area requiring protection. During floods, they will continue to absorb and expand, blocking the water from entering the premises.

They are ideal for protecting industrial and commercial buildings, and local council projects. You can also use them to contain leakages from broken pipelines and sewerage drains. The bags will absorb sewer water and prevent it from further flowing.

It is easy to build a flood barrier by piling Aqua-Sac® sandbags one on top of the other. The patented central stitch design helps in forming a stable flood wall.

how do aqua sac sos bags work

Activating Aqua-Sac® Self-Inflating Sandbags 

Activating or inflating an Aqua-Sac® sandbag is a quick and easy task. We take a bag and soak it in an inflation tank – provided with the bags – for about 3-5 minutes. It is the polymer in the internal pocket that works the magic.

A fully expanded bag weighs 13kg and is easier to handle than heavy sandbags. Please note that only fresh water is suited for them. There are some exceptions, which you can check on the Applications page. You can use them in coastal areas to control accidental water damage, but they should be inflated using freshwater.

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