Specifications, Brochures & References

 Water FlowWater PressureEngine Capacity
HydroSub Unitl/minl/secm3/hrgal/min (imp)gal/hr    (imp)barkpikWhp
HS60 + Flood Module20,0003331,2004,399263,9630.345878
HS150 + Flood Module50,0008333,00010,998659,9080.34145194
AutoBoost 605,000833001,10065,99191315878
AutoBoost 1504,0006724088052,79310145145194
AutoBoost 550 (F)24,0004001,4405,279316,75612175500671
AutoBoost 900 30,0005001,8006,599395,945121759001,207
AutoBoost 120045,0007502,7009,899593,917121751,2001,609


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PDF File Capability Response for Fire BrigadesPDF FileHYTRANS High Volume Pump Brochure
PDF FileHYTRANS HydroSub 60 BrochurePDF FileHYTRANS Hose Recovery Unit 200 and 300 brochure
PDF FileHYTRANS HydroSub 60 Flood Pump BrochurePDF FileHytrans Squeeze Ramp Brochure
PDF FileHYTRANS HydroSub 150 BrochurePDF FileHYTRANS Portable Water Supply Equipment
PDF FileHYTRANS Flood Module for HydroSub 150 BrochurePDF FileHytrans Large Diameter Hose for Industrial Major hazard Facilities
PDF File HYTRANS HydroSub 550 BrochurePDF File AWG Multilug blanking caps tech sheet
PDF FileHYTRANS HydroSub 900 BrochurePDF FileAWG Multilug Y piece tech sheet
PDF FileHYTRANS HydroSub 1200 BrochurePDF FileAWG Multilug Alloy tech data sheet
PDF File HYTRANS Power Foam BrochurePDF FileAWG Multilug adaptor female thread tech sheet
  PDF FileAWG Multilug Storz to ML adaptor tech sheet

Hytrans Mobile Water Supply & Fire Suppression System