HydroSub (Power Pack & Submersible Pump)

The HydroSub consists of a diesel engine power pack that hydraulically drives the portable floating submersible pump.

The submersible pump pushes (no suction) the water through the large diameter flexible hose. The level of the water supply can be up to 60 meters below the power pack, depending on the model of HydroSub.


  • HydroSub 60: 1,500 L/min at 10 bar
  • HydroSub 150: 3,500 L/min at 10 bar
  • HydroSub 250: 8,000 L/min at 10 bar
  • HydroSub 550: 14,000 L/min at 12 bar
  • HydroSub 900: 24,000 L/min at 12 bar
  • HydroSub 1200: 30,000 L/min at 12 bar

For solutions for your water supply or water transport requirements, including access to open water, capacity, distance to be covered in metres, elevation, flow capacity & pressures, please

NO DRAFT PROBLEM ANYMORE. The submersible pump is linked to the power pack by two 60 metre long hydraulic hoses, allowing access to any open water source at a 60 metre distance from the power pack either horizontally or vertically.  Unlike a standard fire truck or fire draft pump that has to stand very close to the water and is limited by the draft issue as it uses suction to draw water.

Additionally the pump is capable of pumping salt water, chemically polluted water, mud, dirt, and can operate in shallow water with no risk of pump failure due to cavitation. It can also be used in conjunction with a mobile desalination plant and/or mobile water treatment plant.

The fact that the pump is especially designed for long distance relays, with an extreme FLAT CURVE, contributes also strongly to the success of the system.

Hytrans Fire System, Mobile Water Supply Systems