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Wyangala dam releasing a devestating 230,000 mega litres a day - 'The Weather Channel'

When It Rains… It Pours!

Kyowa Rock Bags 100% Recycled.Water is at the centre of almost every community across this planet. Its amazing ability to fuel humans and almost everything we consume is undeniably crucial! However, harsh weather conditions can strip us of the same life water gives us, just as effortlessly. Flooded homes and eroded roads are repetitively the first victims of a harsh storm and unfortunately are usually the costliest. This can make it challenging trying to find a fast, efficient and effective solution to help rebuild.

Central West November Floods 2022

It can be very tough preparing for such severe weather conditions, which is often why it can cause so much damage. This is seen right now in Central Australia where the Wyangala Dam has overflowed, releasing approximately 230,000 megalitres of water a day! Just for perspective, Sydney harbour holds approximately 562,000 megalitres in total. This had severe impacts on the surrounding communities and environments, literally lifting entire homes and carrying them down streets. The devastating effects also wash away riverbanks, harming ecosystems and threatening local species. Only now have the government agreed to focus on raising the Wyangala dam wall further, but many might argue they’re too late. However, ensuring its completion before the next flood will be a tricky task.

So how do you plan for the destruction of a flood that could come tomorrow, next week, or in a year? Well, you just need to start. Not a remarkably simple solution we know! Should we focus on a strong temporary solution that we might be able to implement faster or try and rush a more ‘permanent’ solution so it’s completed when needed? Both options raise multiple questions about speed, efficiency and of course effectiveness. Farmers and rural residents want protection and ideally, they’d like it before another flood. Councils look for the cost and physical efficiency of the solution, something that takes time and very careful planning. So, what do you do when neither of these goals perfectly align?

A Fast and Efficient Solution

Here is where rock filter bags could help. With a 50+ year life span when covered and a 5-10 minute deployment time (per bag), our rock bags will save both time and money. Made of 100% recycled materials, they are also an environmentally conscious and effective erosion solution. This means they can be used for temporary solutions but can then also be built in to, or reused to support the permanent solution. They’re extremely diverse and suitable for embankment stabilisation, earthworks, pier protection and more.

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