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Rock Bag uses in the Rail Industry

  • Easily removed and re-installed for preventative maintenance inspections
  • Rapid deployment
  • Can be lifted out for bridge inspections
  • No foundation works required
  • Single point lifting system
  • Supports vegetation growth
  • Accumulates sediments
  • Flexible & durable
  • Lifetime 50 years in water
  • Lifetime 30 years against UV rays

Features of Rock Bags for Railways

Railway ballast and subgrade embankments, rail bridges and slope protection,

Scour mitigation and erosion mitigation

Bank stabilisation for river embankments, riverbanks, riverbeds and creek banks

Bridge pylon scour protection and pylon protection

Bridges, piers and bridge pylons,

Emergency erosion restoration such as flood water eroded ballast or subgrade.

KYOWA rock bags